Nutrition Counseling

& Doula Services

Tap into your intuition and use evidenced based information to make peace with food, harness body confidence, prepare for an empowered birth
and have a healing postpartum journey.

Sound familiar?

You want to trust your body but need help.​
You want to feel comfortable in your changing body.
You want food to be easy and enjoyable.
You want to feel confident in nourishing yourself. 
You want to feel supported and respected in birth.
You want a smooth and healing postpartum time.
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You can have a nourishing and empowered relationship with food, your body and your birth.

What to expect when working together

As an anti-diet registered dietitian nutritionist and doula I help you listen to your body and intuition for growing your baby, birthing your baby and transitioning into the postpartum period. My combined experience and expertise means you get comprehensive support and services every step of the way from one person who truly gets you.

I believe every person:

  • Should be treated with dignity and respect for their individual and unique perspective and experiences 

  • Is worthy of compassion and kindness

  • Is capable of making the best choice for themselves

  • Should enjoy food and trust themselves around food

  • Can feel at home in their unique body

  • Deserves and is capable of health at every body size

  • Is entitled to body autonomy and has the right to allow or deny access to their body by any person for any reason at any time

  • Should have access to current evidenced based information that is presented clearly for informed decision making

  • Has the right to ongoing informed consent

  • Has the right to change their mind at any time for any reason

You can expect from me:

  • Someone who will listen to you and get to know you and your values

  • A collaborative process to uncover your concerns, strengths, fears, and desires

  • Frequent, individualized attention in a safe inclusive atmosphere

  • I will never tell you what to do, but rather help guide your intuition 

  • Encouragement to dig deeper and deal with the hard stuff

  • Encouragement to surrender and let go of things beyond your control

  • Evidence based  information presented  in a neutral way so you can make your own decisions

  • Unconditional support and compassion 

  • Referrals to other professionals and resources to support your holistic wellbeing

Let's Work Together

Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Initial session (90 min) to get to know each other, discuss your challenges and strengths, your goals for working together and develop a plan for how we'll move forward with actionable steps.

Follow up sessions (45 min each) to continue the process. We'll figure out what is working for you, what needs changing and adjust based on your needs and progress.


$260 for initial session

$95 for follow up sessions

Most insurance companies cover nutrition counseling. You are responsible for any co-payments, co-insurance, deductibles, etc. as determined by your individual insurance plan


Birth Doula Support

Individual Childbirth Preparation 

2 prenatal visits to plan physically and mentally for birth and postpartum. Always available for questions and requests for resources.

On-Call at 38 weeks

Frequent checks ins at the end of pregnancy. I'm ready to join you at home or hospital when the big day arrives!

Continuous Labor Support

Support for the birthing person and partner. Relaxation, encouragement, positioning, massage, counter pressure, water therapy, food and hydration, support during medical procedures, support with self advocacy and making informed decisions. Photos as requested.

Immediate Postpartum Support

Bonding with baby, support during any repairs, assistance with latching and feeding baby,helping transition. Photos as requested. 

Postpartum Visit

A chance to reconnect after you settle in at home within the first 2 weeks. We'll debrief the birth, talk about the transition, provide support and connection to additional resources and providers. And of course I'll bring you a nourishing meal!

Postpartum Support

Always available for questions. Postpartum doula support available if scheduled.

Personal Care Products

Earth Mama Organics to support your growing belly and postpartum healing.



Part of these services are reimbursable through BCBSVT Better Beginnings Program. Other insurance plans may offer reimbursement as well.

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Accepted Insurance 


If your insurance provider is not among those listed above, you may still be eligible for reimbursement if you have out-of-network benefits through your health insurance plan. Contact us for support on navigating your plan.