Support on your birth journey from pregnancy, birth and into the fourth trimester. We'll be by your side every step of the way. All family structures are supported, celebrated, and welcome.


Research shows that when a doula is present there are:

  • Improved outcomes for birthing parent and baby​

  • Increased satisfaction with birth experience

  • Shorter labors 

  • Decreased need for pain medication

  • Fewer Cesarean deliveries 

I had a pretty difficult labor and I honestly couldn't imagine going through it without Emily. She was a great emotional support for me and my husband and kept us strong and focused throughout the labor. She helped ease the pain of my back labor by putting pressure on the right areas. I wasn't even sure I needed a doula but if you are considering one, I really recommend Emily.


Childbirth Preparation

2 prenatal visits to create and strengthen our partnership for birth

  • Non-judgmental support for your birth wishes

  • Information so you can make informed choices

  • Review potential paths birth may take and how you want to navigate them

  • Write up your birth preferences

  • Discuss physical and emotional ways to prepare for birth

  • Referrals to resources

Continuous Labor Support

There for you every step of the way

  • On call at 38 weeks until the birth

  • Relaxation techniques including massage, acupressure, guided breathing, visualizations, music, aromatherapy

  • Encourage position changes and movement 

  • Help you navigate the birth process and understand any interventions that come up

  • Make sure partner and other support people are cared for

Immediate Postpartum Care

Support while you transition 

  • Support skin to skin bonding with baby

  • Assistance with breastfeeding

  • Ensure you are fed and hydrated

  • Help you transition to recovery

Postnatal Home Visit

Within the first two weeks

  • Retell and process the birth story

  • Answer any questions or concerns

  • Education and referrals as needed




Sliding scale fee, pay what you can. Payment plans available. 


Let's Talk!

Call (802) 557-4130 or email to get to know Emily and make a plan. 

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Mother Breastfeeding Baby


Individual and customizable options to support you wherever you're at. 

Childbirth Preparation: 

Whether you are pregnant for the first time or have already had children, the idea of labor and birth may feel overwhelming. Let us work together so you feel more prepared, relaxed, and confident during your labor and birth. ​Together, during two prenatal visits, we will review and write up your birth wishes/preferences, discuss different scenarios, possible interventions and your options. We can practice different labor positions and comfort measures. We will also make sure you have a game day plan in place to make sure all your bases are covered (work, childcare, pets, contacting friends/family, etc.). Our time together is an excellent compliment to a childbirth education course or as a refresher for subsequent birthers to ensure your individual questions and needs are met. After our session you will feel more confident and prepared about your birth.

Session starting at $150 (2 hours)

Postpartum Care:

Bringing a new baby into the world is a big change. Having professional support can make it easier and more enjoyable. As your postpartum doula, while respecting your intuition, Emily can provide information, education and support with infant feeding, getting to know your baby, infant soothing and sleeping techniques, babywearing, and newborn care. Emily can also provide emotional and physical support for the birthing person from the birth as well as light housework, meal preparation, sibling care, and running errands. Ideally, we will discuss your expectations and desired schedule prior to the birth and create a plan that is right for your family. 

Starting at $30/hour (minimum of 3 hour blocks)

Let's Talk!

Call (802) 557-4130 or email to get to know Emily and make a plan.