Emily Piazza, MS, RDN, CD

Nutrition Therapist and Doula 

I believe food should be fun and bring pleasure. It connects us to each other, our ancestors and to ourselves. It nourishes our physical body and our soul. I also believe our bodies are capable of amazing things. When we learn to listen to them and trust them we can appreciate all they are capable of and appreciate the experience of living in our own unique body.


I also believe birth is a normal, natural part of life. When we trust our bodies, our babies and our care team birth happens without too much fuss (I mean, other than the fact that giving life to a human is freakin amazing in and of itself). Birth must always unfurl with the rights and respect for the birthing person front and center.

My career as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist has taken many paths through “traditional” dietetics. Teaching people calorie counts, food tracking, behavior modifications and “fat burning” exercise got old. And it didn’t work. As a human living in this culture I also felt the pressure to “eat healthy and manage my weight” during my pregnancies and postpartum journeys. When I fully embraced and integrated intuitive eating and the Health At Every Size principles into my life and into my practice with clients joy returned. Body trust emerged. Letting go of control and trusting the process are important aspects of eating, growing a human, birth and being a parent. 


It is my mission to support people on this journey through pregnancy and postpartum, because you deserve to be lifted up and surrounded by people who believe in you. I do this work because I know it is a difficult journey and we can’t, nor shouldn’t, do it alone. You deserve to be heard, understood and trusted. You deserve to have someone by your side who gets it, who won’t sugar coat it and won’t give unsolicited advice. Amidst the challenging struggles there are opportunities for profound revelations and joy. Finding peace with food, tapping into your body’s intuition and having an empowering birth experience with a healing postpartum recovery is possible. The potential lies within you. You can discover it, I can help guide you.

Professional Bio:

Emily Piazza, MS, RDN, CD is the founder and creator of Nourished Journey. She combines a non-diet and intuitive eating approach to food with evidenced based information and trust in the birth process to support people in having a nourished and empowering journey from pregnancy into postpartum. She practices with a weight inclusive lens and Health At Every Size paradigm. Social justice and inclusive care are integral to her practice and she continues to learn and grow with respect to providing inclusive, respectful, and quality care to ALL people.

Emily earned her undergraduate degrees in both Dietetics and Nutrition & Food Science, with a minor in Community and International Development from The University of Vermont. Attending the School for International Training for a semester abroad she studied Multiculturalism and Social Change in South Africa. She completed her dietetic internship and Masters of Science in Community Health Education at The Sage Colleges in New York. 

In 2016 Emily completed her doula training with Birth Arts International and has been serving birthing families ever since. She works to embolden the birthing person to feel confident and trust in themselves, their baby, and their team. To that end, she emphasizes the importance of education and understanding all the options so as to make informed decisions that result in a positive birth experience no matter how the journey evolves. Emily integrates physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental modalities as needed to support the birthing person to align with their wishes and desires.

Emily has earned an Advanced Practice of Motivational Interviewing certificate from the Health Education Training Institute. She has trained hundreds of health care professionals in Motivational Interviewing and loves seeing providers integrate this counseling style into their work for improved relationships and outcomes. 

Emily lives in Underhill, Vermont with her three little kids, her mountain biking-skiing-live music fan of a husband, two cats and a handful of chickens and ducks. She is a food nut, birth nerd, aspiring Great British Baking Show contestant and over ambitious homesteader. Sunshine, fresh air, cake, showers, and baby giggles bring her great joy.